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Pastor’s Ponderings

Some of you may remember the PTL Club, the 70s Christian television talk show hosted by televangelists Tim and Tammy Faye Baker. I tuned in one time to find Tammy Faye talking about getting dressed one morning and standing in her closet trying to decide what to wear. She told the audience that she prayed and asked Jesus to help her decide.

Every day we make lots of decisions from the time we get up — if we decide to get up! — to the time we go to bed.  Some decisions are small and easy, such as what to eat for breakfast or what to wear. (Unless we have a really large wardrobe.) Other decisions are a bit more challenging such as choosing a car or a dentist. Then there are some big, life-changing decisions including choosing a vocation, whom to marry, having children, relocating or retiring. Those kinds of decisions impact our lives in myriad ways for years to come.

There’s one decision that impacts our lives forever. That’s choosing to believe in and follow Jesus Christ. Putting our faith in Jesus as our Lord and Savior assures us that we are forgiven our sins, reconciled to God and have new and eternal life – now and forever!

Several youth in our church are about to make that decision. Shaun Ellis, Luke Schimweg and Alex Schimweg have been meeting with me, our Lay Leader and their mentors over the last several months. We’ve been learning about the Bible and how to study and interpret it for ourselves. We’ve talked about basic Christian theology, including the Trinity, being made in the image of God, love, sin, and grace. Also, Methodist theology based on scripture and informed by reason, tradition and experience. We’ve learned about the importance of worship and the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion in the community of faith called the Church. We’ve also talked about John Wesley’s General rules: Do no harm; do good; and love God by observing Christian practices – all grounded in the Great Commandment to love God and neighbor as one’s self.

These three young people have decided for themselves that they believe in and want to follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, his disciples — forever. On Sunday, June 9th, they will be baptized in His name and profess their faith in Him. Join us to witness and affirm their decision!

Pastor Dana     

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