Our church leaders met one Saturday morning in February for a follow-up meeting to our recent recent Leadership Summit. I opened the meeting with a devotional on Proverbs 29:18a, “Where there is no vision the people perish…” (KJV)

One of the things we learned at the Summit is that congregations go through life cycles. If they do not renew their vision with the changing times they will eventually die. Having celebrated Pleasant Grove’s past with its 150th anniversary, it’s time to look toward Pleasant Grove’s future and cast a new 21st century vision. Our community has been changing rapidly. New people have been moving in by the thousands, bringing their perspectives, cultures, hopes, dreams and needs with them. As the Church we are called by Jesus himself to “Go and make disciples.” Jesus did it by going out and meeting people as they were and inviting them to “Come and see.” That‘s what we must do.

One of the essential, vital elements for a bright future for Pleasant Grove is growing our Welcome, Invitation and Visibility in our community. Here are some things you can do to help us grow our welcome, invitation and visibility:

*Personally welcome guests who visit on Sunday morning. Learn and remember their first name. Be sure to thank them for coming and invite them back.

*Invite people in your circle of contacts for worship AND other events like Bible study, fellowship groups, United Women in Faith, choir, etc.

*Help us be more visible in the community by participating in local hands-on service projects.

*Refer people to our website or Facebook page. (We have contact cards to help you do that.)

*Write a review for our church on Google Maps. Like us on Facebook. Share about your church on your social media apps.

*Wear your Pleasant Grove t-shirt!


These are just some of the ways we can live into our 21st century vision for Pleasant Grove and fulfill our mission of “Sharing the love of God through Jesus Christ.”

Grace and Peace!

Pastor Dana