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Pastor’s Ponderings

We’ve all grown up with superheroes of one sort or another. The superheroes I grew up with were mostly cartoon or comic book characters such as Dick Tracy, Superman and Popeye – and yes, because of Popeye I liked and ate my spinach! Later in my teen years Wonder Woman came along in her very own television series. Having a woman superhero on television was a big deal! Then the year I graduated from high school the very first Star Wars movie was released. Today, super heroes still include many of those cartoon and comic book characters – now “supered” up even more with the help of special effects in block buster movies.

What makes a superhero so super and a hero? Usually some special power or gift bestowed on an otherwise average human being. What makes him or her a hero?  Using his or her super power not for personal or selfish reasons and never for evil purposes, but on behalf of others for the greater good. Superheroes are always confronted and locked in a battle of good versus evil. At times it looks as if evil is going to win, but after much suffering and sacrifice, good ultimately wins.

Beyond a doubt, Jesus Christ is the greatest, real-life superhero ever! He comes as one of us, God in the flesh – fully divine and fully human. An ordinary, poor and humble carpenter uses his super powers to feed the hungry, heal the sick, forgive sins  —  proclaiming the good news of God’s grace through him in word and deed. He does not hesitate to confront and battle evil. He willingly suffers and sacrifices himself for others for the greater good. On the cross it looks as if evil is going to win, but then comes the resurrection – signifying his victory over evil. Because Jesus is our superhero, HIS victory is OUR victory!

Pastor Dana

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