Family Promise of Forsyth County, Inc. serves families who are experiencing homelessness.  In cooperation with community churches and volunteers, we provide a safe place to stay and meals along with programs and supports to help the families gain or regain sustainable independence.

Our program is essentially a 30 to 90-day program.  When families enter our program, the first goal for the adults in the family is to attain a job, if they do not already have one.  Then, during their time in our program, while our host churches and volunteers are providing a place to stay and meals and through donations and grants, we assist with things such as childcare and transportation, the family can save the majority of their money earned to be ready to be independent.  

More importantly, though, we strive for our families to attain sustainable independence.  Therefore, each family works on personalized, weekly goals to provide them the knowledge and skills needed to be successful.  Each family is also provided a mentor who will continue to work with the family beyond graduation to be a support and a link to additional services they may need.

The families that are currently in the program could use some assistance with transportation if you are available.  Please contact Tina Huck and have an MVR ran if you are interested in volunteering for this.

As always, if you would like to make monetary donations, they are tax deductible and can be made on the Family Promise website    

Here is a list of items that can also be donated for the families: 

   laundry detergent           fabric softener

   hand soap                      liquid body soap

   shaving cream                male/female razors

1 and 2 inch binders      printer paper

working laptops             gas gift cards

    grocery gift cards           oil change gift cards. 

These items can either be taken to the place and dropped off or can be brought to the church and will be transported to their new facility.

If you have not seen the new Day Center located at 3335 Hutchinson Road, Suite D, you should stop by some time and see it.  They have transformed the warehouse into their office along with “living” space for the families including a bathroom with a shower, a laundry room, a living room, a dining area and a “quiet” space for when you need some down time.  A ribbon cutting ceremony was held in October to officially open it.  Also, the Mayor declared October 21-27th Family Promise week as part of the celebrations.


Click Here to go to the Family Promise of Forsyth County Website


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