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Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord! 

Ephesians 5:19

We have just been through the celebration of the Easter season. When Jesus died on that cross He completed all the requirements of the law.  He became the perfect sacrificial lamb to pay the price for the sins of humanity.  He ended the old covenant.  Jesus went into hell and stripped Satan of all his power and authority over mankind.  Then on the 3rd day God raised Him from the grave.  He came out of that tomb triumphant over sin, death, the grave, and Satan.  Soon after that the church age was ushered into the world.  Christians, humans with Jesus living inside of them – a new creation.  This is the mystery of salvation that was hidden in God from the foundation of the world, but is revealed in this age.  Aren’t you so glad you are a part of the Church Age!

I want to thank all the members of the choir, our pianist Linda, and several of the youth who sang and played specials for all their diligent efforts during the Easter season.  They are wonderful to work with and I know the blessing of God is on their music!  Quite a few of our members worked through personal sickness and injuries and health problems with others in their families.  Yet, they are still dedicated to serve the Lord in the choir when they are available.  I would also like to mention Don and Sandra Putnam.  They add a lot to our choir.  However, they are getting ready to return to North Carolina for the summer.  We will miss them until they return in the fall.

So many songs and so much music has been written to help us celebrate Jesus crucified and resurrected again.  I love this music.  As we move on with the year I pray that you will always let the joy of this music flow up and out of your spirit.

Jesus is alive!  And He lives in us!  Praise the Lord!


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