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Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord! 

My mother lives in Colorado on the boundary of the Colorado National Monument.  Near to where she lives, is a huge rock formation called Independence Monument.  Every 4th of July, a group of rock climbers work their way up to the top of the monument and plant the US flag on the top.  It is a great event to watch from the top of the canyon walls that surround the rock formation, and a great way to celebrate the birthday of our great nation.

All through our nation there are many traditions of ways to celebrate our independence.  I once watched a parade in Redstone, Colorado.  It featured the “lawn-chair brigade”.  A group of people who marched in formation carrying their lawn chairs and performing a lot of different antics with the chairs.  It was fun to watch.  Our own city of Cumming has an awesome parade featuring lots of steam engines making more noise than you can imagine.  Haha!  I love it.

We all need to cherish our wonderful nation and find ways to celebrate it on the 4th of July.  There are many forces in the world and internal to our nation that would like to end our democracy and the freedoms that we all value so much!  If we don’t demand a godly and moral United States of America, then the forces of evil and immorality will cause it to crumble within our borders.

God is the source of all freedom.  The Bible says we shall know the truth that comes from God and that truth will set us free.  Jesus is the truth and He sets us free!  We need to lift up Jesus in our lives every day.

God bless America!!


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