Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord!  – Ephesians 5:19

It has been quite a year for music at PGUMC.  But we have been triumphant in Jesus through it all.  Linda was promoted to Heaven and must be playing music on a piano of gold.  I miss her continually.  And I miss her music support continually.  But, I am so glad to have William stepping in to play the piano for us.  He is doing a great job and growing every week.  We gave him a big bite to chew on with the Christmas concert.  He came through with flying colors.  I’m very proud of him.  I think everyone loved the Chancel Choir Christmas concert.  I heard many wonderful comments on it.  The choir loved it too.  We hadn’t had the opportunity do such a performance in a long time.  I want to thank all the choir for singing so beautifully.  I loved it!

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and has a wonderful New Year.  We will see what Jesus has in store for us this coming year.  We are totally reliant on His guidance and anointing.

God bless all of you!



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