Honduras Outreach 2023

We are back from another mission trip.  As always, it was such a wonderful experience.  It was so great after three years of my not going to see old friends and to meet new ones.  

A busy week indeed.  We arrived on Saturday afternoon and were greeted when we got off the ferry by many children and adults, holding signs welcoming us back.  This so warmed our hearts.  On Sunday we attended church services at Mizpah Methodist Church Utila.  Since it was Father’s Day, the men of the church was in charge of the service.  We then had lunch and, we doing medical, went back to our cabin and opened the many boxes we had packed and shipped in April, of medial supplies and medication and organized them.  These were the supplies I was able to purchase with your generous donations , and those items you purchased for me to send. 

The week went so swiftly.  We medical visited the elderly and gave them bags of “goodies”, sang and prayed with them.  

We did two clinics in the poorest of poor villages.    One of the Honduran doctors and his nurse,  who worked in the clinic we help, organized and we went with them.  We saw 116 patients and gave them prescribed free medications.  

During the week, we purchased groceries for 10 in need families.  We, also visited a young adult girl who was born with spinal befida  and was confined to a wheelchair.  The wheelchair was rusty, almost impossible to roll.  We left funds to purchase her a new one.  It will be a while getting there, but when it does, she is going to be so happy.  Again, this was because of your generosity.  

Others in our group did Vacation Bible School with the children. and our construction team worked on a building 

that will house some of the teachers 

that are employed at the Methodist School.   We did not finish the building, but left funds to help complete it by the Hondurans that had worked for us during the week.

Too, team members, put fresh paint on some children tables and chairs and other structures at the school.  

One morning, was spent going from class to class giving out bags to the children containing school supplies, along with soap, wash clothes, toothbrushes and tooth paste.  

There are 188 children in the school most of which have a sponsor who lives in the US, because it is not a public school.  Public schools only go to the 6th grade.

On Friday afternoon, we transported all the remaining medications from our cabin to the clinic there and I said my final, tearful, goodbyes.  My plan is to still help the team that will be continuing our ministry there, but I want physically be going back.  It has been a wonderful 26 years that I have been blessed to serve God and the wonderful Honduran people, but it is time to “pass the torch” and must follow what God has directed me to do.

Again, thank you, my church family and friends, for the support you have so lovingly and willing given me and our mission.  We have accomplished so much because of you,



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